Registered conference attendees may log in to the access the virtual conference platform. Click here to log in using your ULI credentials.

Valuable on-demand content is already available. We encourage all registered attendees to log in to begin networking and to familiarise yourselves with the virtual conference setting before live programming begins 1 February.

Please note the date format in the platform is month/day/year.

Programming on 2, 3, 9, and 10 February will feature closed captioning.

Here are some tips to make the most of your ULI Virtual Europe Conference experience:


Check your browser.
The virtual conference experience is best using Google Chrome. Don’t have Chrome? Download it here: Already using Chrome? Make sure you have the latest version. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups and that your company’s firewall will allow access to the site.

If you have issues, ask your IT professional to whitelist Social27 so that it doesn’t block any content from the platform, or try viewing in Incognito browser

Log in.
Log in using your ULI credentials. If you forget your ULI credentials, you can update your password via the self-serve option on the ULI website (go to, select “Sign In” and then the “Forgot Password” link) or by emailing

If you have an issue logging in, clear your browser’s cache and refresh. Be sure to adjust the time to your local time zone.

Turn on your camera and microphone.
When prompted during any of your logins to the Virtual Europe Conference platform, allow access to your computer’s camera and microphone for an optimal conference experience. The conference platform does not require any additional downloads, but you will need to give Chrome access to your camera and microphone to join the roundtables. Contact your IT team if your company policies block this type of activity.

Do a test run.
Once logged in, verify that you can view on-demand content. Check out one of the virtual tours or visit the sponsor area to discover downloadable, interactive content. Explore the Boardroom and Roundtable section or set one up yourself to verify that your audio and video work. Please note that dates on the platform are in the month/day/year format.

Getting help.
Once logged in to the Virtual Europe Conference platform, you will see a “?” at the bottom of every page. Clicking it will take you to an FAQ section where you will find answers to a variety of questions, as well as contact information for ULI Customer Service should you need further assistance.

Do this before 1 February

Fill out your profile.
You can find your profile near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Make sure your information is correct and complete: this is what other attendees will see when they click on your name. You can also record your Real Estate View video to share what you think is the biggest opportunity in real estate today.

Complete your areas of interest.
Select your top 5 interests to generate sessions and other content relevant to you.

Connect with other attendees.
View a list of attendees in the Networking Hub. Click the “Connect” button on an attendee’s profile to reach out to them. Once connected, you can chat privately within your profile or set up a Boardroom or Roundtable and meet face-to-face.

Set up a Boardroom or Roundtable to test your audio and video.
Make sure your audio and video are working before the live programming begins by setting up a Boardroom or Roundtable. If you are unable to change your browser settings to allow camera and microphone access for the meeting platform, consult with your company’s IT department.


Live and On-Demand Sessions
The Schedule icon on the left-hand toolbar will take you to a listing of all live and on-demand sessions, including virtual tours.

Participating in Sessions
Add sessions to your agenda, watch live and on-demand sessions, and engage in Q&A.

Sponsors Page
Booths are a feature located on the Sponsors page. You will find a wide variety of information and resources from our sponsors.

Networking Hub
Peruse the attendees list, watch video introductions or record your own, and connect with your peers through the Networking Hub.

Boardrooms enable you to meet face-to-face with up to five other people at the same time. These can be public or private. You can either select “+ Launch Boardroom” or “Join” to participate in a Boardroom.

Happy Hour Chats
Within the Networking Hub, select happy hours according to your areas of interest.

During the conference

After each session, please remember to return to the main agenda to select your next session to get the most up-to-date information.