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Tuesday, February 4, 2020 11:30 AM – 5:00 PM Various Locations Site Tour
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Tour 1: Waterfront Regeneration

Overhoeks, NDSM, Houthaven – boat and walking tour

Tuesday 4 February – 11:30am – 5:00pm

Registration Fee: € 125 + VAT (includes lunch)

Visit the waterfront areas along the IJ river and see the transformation of these formerly deprived and desolated locations into major mixed-use destinations. With a focus on mixed-use, affordability and a circular approach, the area now houses a variety of residents, through social, mid-level and market-rate housing.

This ULI boat tour, organised in collaboration with Amvest and Bouwinvest, will give you the opportunity to visit these three main waterfront areas and learn about the different regeneration tools used to develop them.

Overhoeks – this new mixed-use neighbourhood integrates space for living, working and leisure. It was developed in an area formerly owned by the Shell Oil company, and includes landmarks such as the A’DAM Tower and the EYE Filmmuseum.

NDSM – this former industrial shipyard has been transformed into a vibrant cultural district, and a home to creativity and innovation. It is now a diverse neighbourhood, attracting artists, students and major arts and media companies. Here, co-living projects are being developed as well as high-end residential and hotels, with a cable car to planned to improve mobility.

Houthaven – once one of the most important trading ports in the world, Houthaven is now being transformed into a climate-neutral, vibrant green island neighbourhood. It will accommodate a living and working areas with a large diversity of buildings and users, including innovative developments such as the ‘Life’ Healthcare complex and the Boot&Co sustainable apartment hotel, as well as the iconic Pontsteiger building.

Tour 2: Knowledge-based placemaking

Zuidas – walking tour

Tuesday 4 February – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Registration Fee: € 75 + VAT

Zuidas is a high-end international knowledge and business centre, that will also become the home of the European Medicines Agency. As part of its continuous development, it is evolving into a lively mixed-used area, with a variety of housing as well as retail, food, cultural, sporting and healthcare facilities. Its placemaking strategy is focused on accessibility and sustainability.

This ULI tour, organised in collaboration with Amsterdam Zuidas, STIPO, ABN Amro and EDGE Technologies, will offer the opportunity to learn about the story and plans for area, including the Zuidasdok infrastructure project, as well as visiting its most innovative developments.

Highlights include:

  • Visitor Center at the World Trade Center – for an overview of the area and its development.
  • Circl –ABN Amro’s pavilion based entirely on circular principles, and built using recycled and re-usable materials to host communities and events in sustainability, a restaurant and a rooftop bar.
  • Valley – A mixed-use development with housing, businesses, restaurants, shops and cultural facilities, interwoven with the public areas where the landscaping serves as a connecting factor. A key example in the transformation of Zuidas from business to mixed-use.

Tour 3: Heritage regeneration

De Hallen, Burgerweeshuis, Olympic Amsterdam – bus and walking tour

Tuesday 4 February – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Registration Fee: € 75 + VAT

Amsterdam excels in successful examples of heritage regeneration, where abandoned or unused sites are transformed into lively attractive places. In the city, urban architecture of the early 1900s has found new life, both with inner city developments as De Hallen and with the redevelopment of whole areas as the Olympic Amsterdam. Now, newly-built residential integrates with the reconverted spaces focusing on leisure, food and beverage, retail, business, and with well-managed public space that fosters community building.

This ULI tour, organised in collaboration with Bouwinvest and BPD, will offer the opportunity to learn about the story and plans for the development of some of the most successful heritage regeneration projects, including:

  • De Hallen – a former tram depot built in the early 1900, which was transformed in 2014 into a vibrant centre for fashion, art, culture, food beverage and crafts. As a multi-functional cultural complex, De Hallen also focuses on recruiting and training professionals;
  • Burgerweeshuis – a former orphanage designed by Aldo van Eyck, now home of the Dutch developer BPD and its art collection;
  • Olympic Amsterdam – an innovative mixed-used area, with iconic buildings such as
  • the Olympic Stadium built in 1928, sports and music venue now also providing office space;
  • the North Building, built in 1962 and now turned into a combination of restaurants and cafés, studios, rooftop landscaping and public space;
  • the South Building, built in 1932 as a pioneering garage and showroom, now transformed into a mixed-use pace for retail, leisure and business. 

Olympic Stadium, North Building, Burgerweeshuis


Tour 4: Sustainable development and affordable housing

Amstelkwartier – walking tour

Tuesday 4 February – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Registration Fee: € 75 + VAT

Amstelkwartier is a new mixed-use area focusing on sustainability and affordable housing, which has developed right on the Amstel River around Amstel Station. It features around 4,000 homes, retail, watersports facilities, parks, a marina and transport infrastructure.

This ULI tour, organised in collaboration with AM and Amvest, will offer the opportunity to learn about the story of the area, plans for future development and to see its most innovative projects.

Highlights include:

  • Bijlmerbajes – Former prison, now set to become an energy-neutral, car-free and green development, including all types of housing, a hotel and a vertical park. Circularity is currently been applied on the site, with material testing taking place;
  • The Fizz Lofts – loftstyle architecture cornerblock with affordable housing for urban millennials based on the community concept, with a shared living room, rooftop terrace and work spaces;
  • Villa Moukum – compact and affordable housingconcept for starters and students, with a communal inner garden, shared loggias and commercial spaces;
  • QO Hotel – one of the greenest hotels in the world, developed according to circular sustainability, with a greywater system, an underground hydropower storage and an aquaponic greenhouse on the roof;
  • De Spakler – the first optimally-insulated, energy-neutral residential tower in the Netherlands, equipped with nearly 2,500 sq m of solar panels, district heating and a high-quality insulated building shell.

Amstelkwartier images


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