Madrid Nuevo Norte

Madrid Nuevo Norte is the big project of 21st-century Madrid.
It’s the most significant urban transformation project that Spain’s capital city will undergo, and one of the most important in Europe, designed to improve citizens’ life quality and create a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous Madrid.

The project came from the need to integrate Chamartín Station, and all of its railway installations, into the city. For more than 50 years, this infrastructure has created a huge rift that divides northern Madrid, with many drawbacks for millions of citizens. This urban regeneration project will not only heal this wound by solving problems related to mobility, security, and a lack of public services, but will also position Madrid in the group of cities that are will best respond to the enormous social and economic changes of the decades to come.

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RENAZCA is the result of an initiative led by the property owners of tertiary buildings in AZCA to reform and revitalize its public space that has deteriorated over the years. The initiative promotes the transformation of this emblematic urban space, considered to be the financial centre of Madrid, by creating a dynamic and attractive destination for all, a pleasant and vibrant space for social, economic and cultural meetings. It seeks to open AZCA to the city and make it “more livable” with a sustainable, secure and connected environment. RENAZCA will be a safe and welcoming public space for the entire city, activated with recreational and cultural activities, planned night and day, and across all seasons. In short, the initiative aims to position AZCA in the heart of Madrid and minds of city residents and visitors with five guiding principles: coexistence, sustainability, integration, culture, and attractiveness.

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Welcome to Madnum, an office complex that is both a residential co-living and leisure area. An inclusive project that puts people at the centre. A commitment to flexibility, intelligent mobility and sustainability. A paradigm shift towards a dynamic, creative and collaborative lifestyle. The ideal place to reconcile work and personal life in a real way.

An innovative proposal designed in collaboration with an internationally prestigious studio, Lamela Arquitectos. Fully aligned with Colonial’s policy of combining architectural excellence with the latest social trends.

The Madnum project consists of 56,000 m2 of offices with flexible floors, excellent views and natural light, for companies that believe that retaining talent depends on the happiness of their employees.

30,000 m2 of residential buildings with a total of 374 rental homes, fully integrated into the environment. With all the comforts, natural light, spacious shared areas and a large central square.

Moreover, a shared leisure area serves as a point of union between the two worlds. With 5,000 m2 of space for shops and restaurants, as well as 6,400 m2 of green areas for the enjoyment of the community and the neighbourhood.

All this in an extraordinary location in the heart of Madrid. Five minutes from Atocha station, the city’s largest hub for short- and long-distance public transport.

Madnum is not only a new way of working and living; it embodies a completely new and holistic way of understanding people’s needs. A community area that blurs the line between employees and individuals.

Madrid and Colonial are joining forces to lead a unique project inSpain with a new model, where sustainability and the convergence of work and a new lifestyle will pave the way for the society of the future”.

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