Chair, The Bartlett Real Estate Institute
University College London (UCL)

Yolande has been examining and analysing real estate markets from within the real estate industry since 1986. Her experience covers a wide range of asset classes including Residential, Social housing, Retail, Industrial, Offices, Hospitality and Alternative Assets like student housing, senior living, build to rent and mixed use. As Director of World Research at Savills, Yolande provided thought-leadership in real estate as well as evidence-based advice to a wide variety of clients, including private and public sector land owners, investors, developers, bankers, local authorities, government, housing associations, think tanks, management consultants, lenders and NGOs.
She set up and ran the first dedicated UK residential research department in the UK, pioneering and developing new techniques for measuring sub-markets in residential property, including residential building land values and home prices (bringing the concept of ‘prime’ to the resi sector and coining the term PCL for prime central London). Through researching investment and development projects for clients, she went on to develop methods of assessing place potential and valuing sustainable urbanism, long before ‘place-making’ was an industry buzzword.
Yolande’s approach to ‘housing’ has always been ‘mixed use’ as she sees homes as much more than as a dormitory or ‘unit’ and best approached via a concept of ‘neighbourhood’ and through a lens of health and wellbeing as well as social, economic and environmental, sustainability. For her, the definition of housing includes a wide variety of local neighbourhood buildings, street networks and open spaces which don’t easily fall into conventional planning use classes or investment asset classes.
In 2010, she started applying the techniques she had developed in the UK at a global scale and, in 2014, officially took on all sectors worldwide, focusing on cities and inaugurating Savills World research capability.
Yolande’s non-consultancy research output has always been in the form of industry publications, primarily those published by Savills, as well as a few broadsheet columns, regular trade press articles and columns. She has co-authored 3 academic articles over the years but her work, as published by Savills has been used and cited in other academic papers.
Yolande takes on research and advisory commissions as an independent consultant and is also a non-executive director and an advisor to a variety of different enterprises and organisations. She is a Commissioner on Lord Best’s Healthy Cities commission run by Oxford University and was an adviser on the recent government ‘Build better, build beautiful’ Commission. She undertakes scores of speaking engagements each year and writes regularly for non-academic publications, national and international, is quoted in newspapers on a variety of property-related topics, and regularly appears on television and radio.

Yolande is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA, a Fellow of The Society of Property Researchers, Academician at the Academy of Urbanism, Patron of Create Streets and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Yolande believes in the capability of real estate to contribute to global human happiness. She has the modest ambition to see a world where everyone lives in a home they love at a price they can afford. She believes that the only way to even begin achieving this is for people to step outside of their specialist silos and come together to understand and solve the ‘wicked’ problems of the 21st century together. She is proud to help run an institute which aims to be part of this.

Speaking at the Following:

Feb 2

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

ULI Europe NEXT and Young Leaders Joint Forum (Day 1)

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

During times of challenge and disruption, the land use industry has been asking ‘what’s next’ and how do we get there. This forum (for ULI members aged 45 or under) will address these questions, digging into the building blocks of communities, exploring new project delivery and investment mechanisms, and hearing from top industry experts about […]