Wolfgang Egger is the founder of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG and his family remains the majority shareholder. For more than 34 years he has been in charge of the company which, today, has approximately 900 employees Europe-wide. Chief Executive Officer of the PATRIZIA Group since 2001, he has since expanded the company internationally with our own people onsite in Luxembourg, UK and Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the Nordic countries. In 2006 Mr. Egger floated PATRIZIA on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, attracting the attention of major international shareholders. Today, PATRIZIA’s portfolio includes more than 350 institutional investors and over 700 properties worth around EUR 40 billion under management. In 2016, the PATRIZIA Supervisory Board unanimously agreed to extend Mr. Egger’s contract for a further five years until 2021.

In 1999, the Egger family founded the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, the aim of which is to offer children and adolescents worldwide the chance of enjoying a better future through direct access to education. Financed through private donations, the foundation builds schools, children‘s homes and hospitals – true to its motto ‘Building a Future together‘. Working in close partnership with local organisations, the foundation also safeguards the reliable and successful running of its facilities in the long term. Until now, more than 200,000 children and adolescents worldwide have already gained access to education, a home, or medical care in the PATRIZIA Children Foundation facilities. All costs incurred are covered by PATRIZIA and additional sponsors, meaning that 100% of every euro donated is directly spent on the projects.

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