Managing Director

Peter Kentie is the Managing Director at Eindhoven365, the organisation responsible for the marketing and branding of the region of Eindhoven.
The primary focus of Eindhoven365 is the brand management of Eindhoven’s marketing strategy and activation programmes based on the brand pillars: design, technology and knowledge, the core qualities of the Eindhoven Region. The target groups are (inter)national knowledge workers, tech starters, bright talents and city explorers and tourists. A key project is building and managing the city brand of Eindhoven and its brand positioning strategy. Using a unique single brand strategy and dynamic identity, all stakeholders can interact and use the brand. They endorse and participate in high profile events like the Dutch Design Week, STRP, Glow light festival and Dutch Technology Week. They focus on supporting an attractive and lively city centre of Eindhoven through events and acquisition of retail and hospitality accommodations.

As Peter lives and works in the city of Eindhoven, he cares a lot for his hometown, and also cares a lot for Estonia. He finds this country truly inspiring in its efforts to become a digital nation and an example for the world. In 2015, Peter became an e-Resident, a digital Estonian and decided to contribute to Estonia to support them in marketing and promoting their ambitions to a greater global audience. is the outcome, and is presented as an open-source and pro bono marketing concept for the Estonian society. The proposal has been very well received and broadly accepted by businesses, government, institutions and the people. Early in 2017, the -EST concept, as it is called, was formally incorporated into the official branding toolkit of Estonia on

In the cultural domain, Peter has been active as one of the founders of the STRP art & technology festival and the Baltan medialab, both in Eindhoven, for research in media, science and art. He has been a board member of the well-known Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven for six years and now serves the project in an advisory board position.

Speaking at the Following:

Feb 9

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Tales from the city: Eindhoven

5:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Hear about the revival of Eindhoven and the strategies that the city has been implementing to reinvent itself and to increase its competitiveness in attracting business, investment and talent and enhance its visibility.