Real Estate Sector Director / CSR Director
Deerns Group

Strategic Sustainability Advisor / CSR Director

Ana Cunha Cribellier is the Real Estate Sector Director of Deerns Group, commercially leading the internationaly activity of deerns offices in the Real Estate market segment in multiple fields: Building Design for Decarbonisation (Newbuild or Renovations) , Asset and Portfolio due Diligence (Carbon, Digital, Technical, ESG), MEP Engineering, Sustainability and Building Physics, etc. Ana is also the Deerns Group CSR Director, acting also as Decarbonisation Ambassador for World Green Building Council. Ana is a member of the Board of Directors of the French GBC (Alliance HQE-GBC) and Chair of the Digital and Carbon Footprint fn Building Systems for the Smart Building Alliance. At Deerns, Ana formulates and implements the strategic plan for the Real Estate market teams, overseing the positioning the sector services to successfully serve the clients in the different countries where Deerns operate. She represents the Sector in the relevant business communitiesacting as market maker to further develop Deerns’ footprint within existing and new clients. As Global Account Director on Real Estate, Ana develops and implements the Sector’s (strategic) account management programme. Ana Identifies trends and issues related to the markets and businesses of the client accounts in the sector, and addresses these in strategy and operations.